Lulu Perelandra is a pseudonym. I am Legion.
A multitude of things that was, all that is now and everything that will be. All the people I’ve been, all those I will become.
I am certain that for those fluent in internetsearch can find out who I am with a click of the mouse. But what you will find is only fragments to analyse. But there is no need to understand the individual pieces.

Lulu is instead the synthesis of those fragments. She is the equilibrium of opposites. She is a conglomerate of ideas, visions, plans, proposals, insights, inspirations and perceptions.

She shapes everything within the limits and constraints of the everyday. To every action there is always an equal and opposite or contrary, reaction.

She fell from grace. I will fall from grace.
Her light drowns the sailors and lights the way through the forest.

However DO contact ME if something is hidden in the darkness. I will shine my light.
Morgenstern ach scheine
Auf das Antlitz mein

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